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JL Road Surfacing cover Fife for tarmac driveways, drop kerbs and pothole repairs. We have highly a highly trained workforce with over 40 years experience in all areas of road repairs and maintenance to carry out the work you require to be done.

From pothole repairs no matter how small or large, to drop kerbs and tarmac driveways, we welcome all projects regardless of size.

Tarmac Driveways

Is your driveway in need of refurbishment? Do you need it completely repaired or a new one installed?

Through time, driveways become broken in parts and unlevel in other places. This causes weeds to grow through the surface and water to gather making everything look untidy and a mess. Why not give us a call? We will visit you at a convenient time and give you a free no obligation estimate to either repair or carry out a completely new tarmac driveway installation.

Drop Kerbs

Needing the kerb lowered for ease of access to your property? We are dropped kerb experts with all the necessary experience to do the work you require. When you have a new driveway installed, it’s often necessary to drop the kerb outside your property. Why not give us a call and arrange for a free estimate.

Pothole Repairs

We carry out all pothole repairs small or large. From residential driveways to private roads and farm roads, we repair potholes on a routine basis. Pothole repairs offer a cost effective way to making driveways and roads far more comfortable to drive on.