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We are Edinburgh’s main dropped kerb contractor. When you’re having a new driveway installed, it’s often necessary to drop the kerb outside your property. This is so you can have smooth and easy access without having to bump your vehicle’s tyres up onto the pavement every time.

Altering the pavement outside your home will require a permit from your local council. Remember, the pavement is public property – just because it’s directly outside your home doesn’t mean you can have it altered without permission. If you’re considering a new driveway and will need the kerb lowered outside your property, you should contact the council or ask your driveway contractor to advise on the procedure.

Some councils will grant approval on the proviso their own staff carry out the work, while others will have an approved list of contractors they will allow to do it.

Here at JL Roadsurfacing we’ve successfully carried out lots of kerb drops to meet local authority standards and satisfy our driveway clients.

If you require to have a drop kerb, our site manager will visit your property at a time convenient to you and take the correct measurements. He will see what public utility services are present, whether you are on a main road etc and any other consideration that would be needed for planning permission.

Why not let us complete the planning application for you and submit the necessary drawings for the dropped kerb?

For more information and advice please contact us.

Examples of Our Drop Kerb Work